An Automatic Weather Station (AWS) is an automated version of the traditional weather station, either to save human labour or to enable measurements from remote areas.[1] An AWS will typically consist of a weather-proof enclosure containing the data logger, rechargeable battery, telemetry (optional) and the meteorological sensors with an attached solar panel or wind turbine and mounted upon a mast. The specific configuration may vary due to the purpose of the system.[1] The system may report in near real time via the Argos System and the Global Telecommunications System,[2] or save the data for later recovery.[3] In the past, automatic weather stations were often placed where electricity and communication lines were available.

Most automatic weather stations have:

  • Thermometer for measuring temperature
  • Anemometer for measuring wind speed
  • Wind vane for measuring wind direction
  • Hygrometer for measuring humidity
  • Barometer for measuring atmospheric pressure