CCADRRP Main Activities

Rehabilitated Watersheds:

  • Facilitate the establishment and improvement of community-based management structures in the selected Watershed Management Units (WMUs);
  • Undertake reforestation and agroforestry in selected WMUs;
  • Assess forested crown lands and declare forest reserves;
  • Develop a Forest Fire Management Programme;
  • Promote sustainable livelihood/economic activities;
  • Establish river protection infrastructure/structures in selected areas.


Resilience in Coastal Areas:

  • Design and implement data collection and database systems for monitoring changes in coastal ecosystems;
  • Restore mangrove forests;
  • Develop management plans for the effective management of selected marine protected areas (MPAs);
  • Establish and/or enhance coastal protection measures in selected areas.
  • Use (best-practice) appropriate methods and technologies in restoring seagrass beds;
  • Identify and assess possible options for alternative livelihoods and take steps to facilitate them in selected communities.


Climate Change Capacity Building and Awareness:

  • Design and implement a comprehensive climate change awareness and educational campaign including culturally relevant materials and resources;
  • Provide and disseminate resource materials using existing institutions such as public libraries, and others;
  • Create and operationalize publicly accessible GIS-based database and mechanism for data sharing and transfer;
  • Identify capacity building/strengthening needs within the government and implement appropriate activities to address these needs;
  • Assist in the revision and/or development of policies that will address climate change adaptation and, where appropriate, mitigation to climate change.

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