CCADRRP Objectives

Overall Objective:

To adapt to climate change and contribute to sustainable development in Jamaica, particularly in vulnerable communities, through increasing resilience and reducing risks associated with natural hazards.


Specific Objectives:

  • Reduce downstream run-off and associated negative environmental and human impacts through rehabilitation and improved management of selected watersheds;
  • Increase resilience of coastal ecosystems to climate change impacts through restoration and protection of selected ecosystems;
  • Enhance institutional and local-level capacity for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction through increasing capabilities

The primary partners for the project are the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP); the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ); National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA); the Environmental Management Division, Office of the Prime Minister (EMD, OPM); Forestry Department (FD); and Meteorological Services Jamaica.

The Target groups for this project include Community Based Organizations (CBOs); Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Students, Teachers, Farmers, Fisher folk, Private sector groups, Local Authorities, Private Land Owners and Identified Communities. The final beneficiaries of this project are expected to be Agricultural Services, Forestry Services; Fisheries, Water Supply and Sanitation and Administrative Management


Estimated Results:

  • Rehabilitated watersheds through slope stabilization measures such as reforestation of denuded hillsides;
  • Increased resilience of selected coastal areas against potential climate change impacts
  • Climate change capacity building and awareness raising.

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